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Pind daan for people having unnatural deaths

The spirits of all deceased people who die an unnatural death due to accidents, suicides, murder or getting killed face difficulty in moving over to super natural world as their Atma cannot get Mukti from this materialistic world.

All obstacles in life turn into a smooth process by performing Pind Daan rituals with quick positive changes that are observed in life.

There are special shradh rituals for providing salvation/tarpan for souls of people who died unnatural deaths. These include:

Tirpindi Shradh:

Tirpindi Shradh is done for people having died unnaturally. This shradh helps in removing Preth Badha and removes all difficulties created by the ancestors/family members who died unnaturally.

Tripindi Sradha is also a provision if for continuous three years there is no offering made to our departed ancestors. In such cases this ritual is performed in the memory of the souls of our ancestors. This offering calms them and saves their souls from getting Pret Yoni. With Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh the main Gods in this ritual, this religious act requires to be performed at holy places like Varanasi and Haridwar that are meant for demon liberation.

Naranyan Bali Shradh:

The shradh by the name of Narayan Bali is done for satisfying the wandering souls of ancestors and relatives. As an indication, ancestors come in the dreams of their family members. This shradh should also be done by people who have Pitra Dosh In their Kundli or Horoscope.

Naag Bali Shradh:

After death, the souls of the ancestors enter Naag Yoni and take shape of snakes or naags. The indication is coming of snakes in one’s dreams.

Kal Sarp Yog Pooja:

राहू केतु अंतराले सर्वे ग्रहा: नभस्थिता।
कालसर्प योगाख्येने सौख्य विनाशक:।।<

“If there is a Kalsarpa Yog in an individual’s horoscope, then all happiness is ruined. For happier life removal of Kalsarpa Yog is mandatory.” If there is presence of Rahu and Ketu in a person’s kundli/horoscope, it results in loss of happiness and the downfall in a person’s life. With the said person being under the influence of death, Kal Sarp Yog Pooja is done for removing Kal Sarp Yog Dosh from his Horoscope.

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