Special Pooja Services

Apart from Pind daan and Asthi Visarjan, we also provide priests for other types of Pooja in the above mentioned cities like:

Narayanbali Pooja :

This is special kind of Pooja which should be performed in case of unnatural death like accident, disease, suicide, death by fasting, killed by animal, fall from height, etc.

In all such cases some desires of soul remain unfulfilled and salvation cannot be achieved just by asthi visarjan and pind daan. According to garun puran, narayan bali Pooja is must for unnatural death and performed as earlier as possible after the death of an individual. Lord Vishnu is the main god of this Pooja and Pooja is performed to seek his blessings after which it is possible for departed soul to get ultimate peace.

Naag Bali Shradh:

After death, the souls of the ancestors enter Naag Yoni and take shape of snakes or naags. The indication is coming of snakes in one’s dreams.

Rudrabhishek :

It is special kind of Pooja performed to please Lord Shiva. It can be performed at any temple of kashi according to choice of our clients.

Nav Grah shanti Pooja

It is believed that stars and planets have great role in our life and this Pooja is performed to reduce their negative effect and increase their positive effect in our life.