Online Asthi Visarjan

Online Asthi Visarjan is an easy and simple method of attaining salvation for people who die outside Kashi or even India.

It is desire of every Hindu on this earth that after his or her death, their mortal remains (asthi) should immerse in Ganga as per Hindu vedic ritual. According to Hindu mythology, asthivisarjan in Ganga gives salvation (Moksh) to the deceased person and that’s why after death of an individual, his or her family members perform the asthivisarjan. Daily people from different parts of world visit Varanasi/Kashi, Haridwar and Allahabad for immersion of cremated remains of their beloved ones.

Procedure of Asthivisarjan should be completed as soon as possible after the death of an individual but for those people who live far from Kashi, Haridwar and Allahabad; it is not possible for them to travel to these places just after the demise. They generally keep the ashes with them and perform the asthivisarjan when they get time to travel to these places. Some people prefer to immerse the ashes in the ponds or sea whatever they found comfortable with.

We, at Pitradev, help all those persons who want to do asthivisarjan at the mentioned places but are unable to travel these places personally. We on behalf of any family member perform the asthivisarjan at these mentioned places. We collect the ashes (asthi) from the family of deceased person and send it to our office at Kashi/Varanasi, Allahabad or Haridwar. Once the Asthi is received at Kashi/Varanasi, Haridwar or Allahabad, we allot a Priest and a helper to it. Pundit ji collect the parcel of asthi from our office and take the same to the Ganga Ghat. At the Ghat, allotted helper arranges all the materials required for asthivisarjan and transfer the ashes from plastic bag to clay pot (kalash). After the Asthi pujan is performed at the bank of Ganga by our priests and finally asthivisarjan is completed.

The details required during Asthi pujan are as follows:

  1. Complete name, gender and Gotra of deceased one.
  2. Date and time of death
  3. Name of the family member on whose behalf Pooja is to be performed and the relation with the departed soul.

Our representatives in these cities will personally monitor the whole event and take the photographs and videos which will be shared with the family members of deceased one.

As all the courier is received at our head office, in Varanasi, procedure of asthi visarjan will be completed within 48 hours of receipt of asthi if the asthi visarjan has to be performed in Varanasi only. But if you want to perform asthi visarjan in Allahabad or Haridwar, it will be completed within a week of receipt of Asthi at Varanasi.,/p>

Note:- According to Garuda Puran and many Religious books, anyone can perform religious rituals on your behalf. It would be considered successful and all the credit will be yours, as if you performed them.