Online Pind Daan

Online Pind Daan is a facility for those people who want to do pind daan online or tarpan in Kashi for their ancestors or departed family members but they don’t have time to visit Kashi (Varanasi) to do the same.

Pind Daan is one of the most important final rituals that needs to be performed after the death of an individual. Although Pind Daan can be performed at any place but religious importance of Ayodhya, Mathura, Gaya, Kashi/Varanasi, Allahabad, Kurukshetra, Badrinath, and Siddhapur is considered more. It is the main reason that thousands of pilgrims visit these cities to perform Pind Daan.  Pind refers to a small ball of rice and flour, and Daan means to donate or offer. The ritual involves the preparation of pinds, which are placed on a banana leaf or a plate, along with other offerings like flowers, sweets, and fruits. The offerings are then offered to the ancestors with the belief that they will bless their descendants and provide them with good health, prosperity, and happiness.

But generally it is not possible for every individual to travel to these places for doing Pind Daan. We at Pitradev, provide online Services pind daan gaya ji or at these mentioned places, including online pind daan in haridwar , on behalf of any family member of deceased person. And it is clearly mentioned in the religious book Garun Puran that if you are not able to perform a certain kind of ritual due to some constraints, some other person can act as a representative of yours and perform Pooja on behalf of you and all credits of that Pooja will be only yours. Here we assign a priest as your representative and he on behalf of you performs all the Pooja. The online pind daan cost in haridwar, gayaji and other places is also cost-effective and convenient as well.

Process of Online Gaya Ji Pind Daan

There are different types of gaya ji pind daan. As per Hinduism, when a person dies, the first thing which needs to be done after cremation is asthivisarjan. This is to be done generally within 10 days’ time period. After asthi visarjan, 10th day pind daan needs to be done which is also called dasawa at some places. After that 11th day pind daan, which is also known as ekadasha is performed in which single pind daan is done. On 12th day, again pind daan is done which is called dwadasha pind daan. On 12th day itself, people offer brahmin bhojanaman and cloth donation, cow donation (Gau daan) and other donations to the priest. 

After completing 10th, 11th and 12th day rituals, one needs to do monthly shraadh which is also called masik shraadh. In this again pind daan is done every month till one year. People generally do 10th, 11th, 12th day and masik pind daan at their hometown near any river.

After completing one-year, annual shraadh is performed which is also called barsi. People travel to Varanasi, Haridwar or Prayagraj for annual pind daan. We at Pitradev help to perform all kinds of pind daan online where people can share only name and gotra and here at Kashi we will perform online pind pradanam.  After completing the rituals, we share photos and videos with family members and after that we receive payment for pooja. 

Cost of online pind daan varies from Rs3000/ to Rs11000/ depending on type of pind daana and date of puja. Online pind daan at Haridwar or online pind daan at Varanasi are some of the options for the ritual. 

Why should we not do online pind daan in Gaya?

In gaya ji pind daan online is not recommended because gaya is final destination for pind daan and once you have done pind daan in gaya you cannot do pind daan at any other place and hence it is always recommended to go physically to gaya whenever you get time. Doing pind daan physically with your hands is always preferred over online. Online pind daan is recommended only in case of medical emergency or due to any reason one cannot travel to Gaya or Kashi. If you are not in the country or busy due to some other work, you can do online pind daan at Varanasi because after doing pinddaan in Varanasi you have chance to do physical pind daan again at Gaya but once you have done online pind daan in gaya, you can not do it again even if you get time to visit gaya. Hence it is always recommended not to do online pind daan in gaya.

The details required during the Pind daan are as follows:

  • Complete name, gotra and gender of deceased person.

  • Name of father and grandfather, if departed soul was male

  • Name of mother in law and great mother in law, if departed soul was married female

  • Name of mother and grandmother, if departed soul was unmarried female

  • Date and time of death.

  • Place of death.

  • Name on whose behalf Pooja is to be performed and the relation with the departed one.

After completing the online pind daan, we share all the photos and videos of rituals through e-mail or WhatsApp and after that you need to pay the amount. In the videos, Sankalp with name and gotra will be clearly audible. This will be a personalized pooja by experienced acharya of Kashi. You need to make the booking 2 days advance so that we also get time for necessary arrangements.

Note:– According to Garuda Purana and many Religious books, anyone can perform religious rituals on your behalf. It would be considered successful, and all the credit will be yours, as if you performed them.