Pind Daan Services

Though Pind Daan can be performed at any of the banks of Holy River “Ganga” but the religious importance of performing Pind Daan lies at places like –

Whenever a person dies, his soul goes in prêt yoni instead of pitra yoni and remains attached to this materialistic world. It is time of great pain for the soul as he wonders here and there on this earth in search of salvation. It is only after Pind Daan, soul enters Pitra Yoni from Pret Yoni (Atma to Parmatma) and if pind daan is not performed on the name of departed one his soul will remain in prêt yoni till eternity. That is why it is mandatory in Hinduism to perform the ritual of Pind daan so that the departed soul can attain salvation and enters pitra yoni. It is also said that once you perform pind daan to your ancestors you will be freed from Pitra Rin (debt of ancestors) and by the grace of your ancestors it will bring good fortune and happiness to your family and you will feel ultimate mental satisfaction.

We provide genuine priests/panda in the below mentioned sacred cities of India to the people who want to visit these cities for the purpose of pind daan and related activities. Our team will personally monitor the entire event in the city and organize “Pandit” ,”Places” and all Puja elements (Puja Items, Vidhi,Mantra) as per your need and community like Punjabi, Marwari, Gujrati, Tamil, Maharashtrian etc.

If your family follows a certain procedure of offering prayers then that would be followed to ensure your satisfaction. If you do not know the procedure then our in house pandits will make you aware of the process and perform all the rituals as mentioned in the Hinduism.