• Online Pind Daan (Silver)

We offer a very reliable, professional, and affordable solution. We, at Pitradev, help all those persons who want to do Pinddan at the mentioned places but are unable to travel these places personally. We on behalf of any family member perform the Pinddan at these mentioned places. Our representatives in these cities will personally monitor the whole event and take the photographs and videos which will be shared with the family members of deceased one.

Online Pind Daan (Details Required)

  • Complete name, gotra and gender of deceased person.
  • Name of father and grandfather, if departed soul was male
  • Name of mother in law and great mother in law, if departed soul was married female
  • Name of mother and grandmother, if departed soul was unmarried female
  • Date and time of death.
  • Place of death.
  • Name on whose behalf Pooja is to be performed and the relation with the departed one.

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Online Pind Daan (Silver)

Our Excellence Online Services

Our excellence in Pinddaan services is reflected in the testimonials of our satisfied clients who have been able to honor their departed loved ones with ease and comfort. We are committed to providing a premium service at a reasonable price, making it accessible to everyone. Our team of experienced and qualified priests perform the Pinddaan ritual in accordance with your family's specific customs and traditions.

Join us in keeping the memory of our ancestors alive and seeking their blessings for a peaceful and prosperous life. Choose Pitradev for excellence in Pinddaan services."


Pinddaan is a Hindu ritual performed to offer food and water to one's departed ancestors or family members. It is believed that by performing this ritual, the departed souls are appeased and their blessings are sought for a prosperous and peaceful life.

The Pinddaan ceremony is typically performed on the banks of a holy river or at a designated holy place by family members or close relatives of the departed. The offerings include rice, sesame seeds, and other items, which are believed to provide nourishment to the departed souls.

The ceremony is usually performed under the guidance of a priest or a learned person who recites sacred mantras and performs rituals. The person performing the ceremony is required to observe certain rules and follow specific procedures, which may vary depending on the region and community.

In Hinduism, ancestor worship is considered an important part of spiritual and cultural heritage, and the Pinddaan ceremony is believed to be a way of honoring and seeking the blessings of one's departed ancestors. It is also believed that by performing the Pinddaan ceremony, one can help their departed ancestors to move on to the afterlife peacefully.

Note:- According to Garuda Puran and many Religious books, anyone can perform religious rituals on your behalf. It would be considered successful and all the credit will be yours, as if you performed them.


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