Online Pind Daan Service in Mathura

Mathura, located on the bank of river Yamuna is considered as the birth place of lord Krishna and also know with the name of BrajBhoomi.

Mathura is one of the seven sacred places considered holy according to Hindu Mythology. Vrindavan town is located just 11 km away from Mathura. And considered the home town of lord Krishna in his youth. Mathura is also one of the oldest city of India as its name is mentioned in the oldest Indian epic, Ramayana. According to Ramayana, the city was claimed by brother of Rama, Shatrughna, by killing the demon king of Mathura. As the home of Krishna, the city is adorned with various Hindu temples

Mathura is also considered as the city of Moksha (salvation) and people from different part of India visit Mathura for performing Pind Daan to their ancestors. We provide genuine priests who are expert in performing different Hindu rituals are also famous for keeping Hindu gynecology record for the devotees who visit them. Vishranti Tirth/Vishram tirth is the place for conducting important rituals. It is believed that one who takes bath in this pond gets right to stay in realm of lord Vishnu. The poojan and tarpan done here of devtas & pitras is also considered highly pious.

Other than this, Bodhini tirth is also an important place for doing Pind daan and it is said that offering Pind here paves the way to heaven for all deceased ancestors. Another important place for conducting Pind Daan here is Vayutirth. It is believed that the benefits derived from doing Pind Daan here during the month of Jyeshtha has same importance as the Pind Daan done at Gaya.