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Online Pind daan: Importance, Cost, and Procedure

When a member of your family dies, "Pind Daan" is considered a sacred duty. It’s a crucial practice in Hinduism, paying homage to the departed soul to achieve peace and prosperity through their blessings. Kashi has held immense significance in the process of Pind Daan, and not just in recent times but since Vedic times. But what do our ancient Hindu scriptures have to say about Kashi? Let's explore this in detail.

The importance of Kashi as per Hindu scriptures

Kashi, also known as Varanasi, holds unparalleled significance for Hindus. The Rigveda often mentions Kashi as the “City of Light,” and the city itself has been an age-old symbol of the light of wisdom, where numerous ascetics have found “Moksha.” It is highly believed that spending your last remaining days in Kashi and passing away here leads to liberation from the cycle of life and death. Kashi has also been a hub for the study and practice of Hindu scriptures since 1000 BCE. Every stone in Kashi is deemed as holy as Shiva, as it is as old as time. Therefore, the significance of Kashi to Hindus is beyond measure, characterizing spirituality, wisdom, and liberation.

But what is the historical significance of doing Pind Daan in Kashi? Let’s find out.

The significance of doing Pind Daan in Kashi

According to ancient scriptures, Kashi was granted a boon by Lord Shiva. The boon was that whoever performed Pind Daan here would have their sins washed away, attaining liberation (Moksha) and freedom from the cycle of rebirth. 

The city is renowned for its Pandits and Acharyas, who specialize in Pind Daan and other rituals. Pind Daan in Kashi is typically conducted at the Ganga Ghats, and the overall atmosphere feels spiritually empowering for such an auspicious tradition. But how much do Pandits usually charge for Pind Daan in Kashi?

Cost of Pind Daan in Kashi

Based on various factors, the cost of performing Pind Daan in Kashi and other death rituals can vary. It depends on specific rituals and the services you choose. However, here are some general estimates:

  1. Pind Daan: Pind Daan or Shraddh services cost around 4000 INR. This includes charges for the Purohit and the items required for the Pind Daan rituals.
  2. Asthi Visarjan: The cost for Asthi Visarjan is around 2000 INR. This too includes charges for the Purohit and items required for the ritual.
  3. Narayan Bali Shradh, Tripindi Shradh, and Nag Bali Shradh: Each of these more elaborate rituals costs around 15990 INR, inclusive of charges for the Purohit.
  4. Rudra Abhishek Puja: Rudrabhishek Pooja in Kashi Vishwanath Temple costs around 4000 INR.
  5. Anna Donation: The cost of Anna Donation (Food Donation) starts at 2000 INR for 11 poor people or poor Brahmins.
  6. Brahmin Bhojan: The cost of a Brahmin Bhojan donation starts at 3100 INR for 5 Brahmins.

Pitradev is a spiritual service platform that can assist you in performing Pind Daan in Kashi. Unlike many pandits and acharyas who quote one rate but charge exorbitantly later, Pitradev offers you a fixed rate and doesn't deviate in between. To explore our Pind Daan services in Kashi, click here.

Procedures to follow while performing Pind Daan in Kashi

Here’s a step-by-step process listing the procedures to follow during the Pind Daan ceremony in Kashi. Observing these rituals and performing them in order is a must to receive the blessings of departed ancestors.

  1. Choosing a Priest: The first step is selecting a priest, and not just any priest, but one who is well-versed in all the ancient scriptures and can guide you perfectly through every ritual. The knowledge and expertise of the priest should be followed by proficiency in Vedic languages like Sanskrit, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. If these criteria are followed, your Pind Daan process will be ensured to be smoother and more worth it.
  2. Creating Pindas: Pindas are small balls made of rice, sesame seeds, and barley flour that are prepared by the deceased’s family members. These pindas are believed to represent the body of the deceased. The offering of Pindas during the Pind Daan ritual is said to assist the departed soul in its journey to attain salvation (Moksha) from the cycle of life and rebirth.
  3. Visiting the Sacred Site: Family members visit a sacred site, typically a temple or a ghat along the Ganges, where the priest performs the Pind Daan ritual. In Varanasi, Pind Daan is conducted at the Ganga Ghat, or Pishachmochan Kund.
  4. Prayers and Rituals: The priest carries out various rituals, which include chanting mantras, offering flowers, incense, and other sacred items, and feeding the Pindas to crows. As the Pindas are considered to symbolize the deceased’s body, feeding them to crows is seen as a method of offering food to the departed ancestors.
  5. Tarpan: Tarpan is a ritual where water is offered to the ancestors. The priest pours water from a pot into the family members’ palms, who then offer it to the ancestors by pouring it into the river.
  6. Bathing: The Pind Daan ritual concludes with the deceased’s family members taking a final dip in the river and seeking blessings for the departed souls.
  7. Brahmin Bhojanam: Homemade food is offered to the Brahmins, and Prasad is taken after completing the ritual.The final step is to receive the priest’s blessings and offer them food, clothes, utensils, and money as per your wish. But which time is best for Pind Daan?

What is the right time to do Pind Daan in Kashi?

The most auspicious day to perform Pind Daan in Kashi is the annual Tithi, particularly during Pitrupaksha. Pitrupaksha is 15 days, typically falling in September–October. Performing Pind Daan during this time is believed to be highly fruitful for achieving peace and prosperity. Another significant day for Pind Daan is Amavasya, which is the new moon day.

How To Book A Pandit For Online Pind Daan in Kashi?

Be it Pind Daan at Gaya or Kashi, you can book your puja online by visiting a reliable spiritual services platform. You can navigate to the section for Pind Daan Puja and choose a package that fits your needs. These packages usually include a dedicated priest who will perform the rituals, ensuring all customs and norms are adhered to.

During the booking, you may be asked to provide details about the departed soul, such as their name, birth date, and date of passing. The priests can tailor the puja using this information, ensuring the highest level of sincerity and commitment in their service. But how do you ensure the site you're booking your Pind Daan from is genuine and will ensure a smooth process? Well, you don't have to worry if you are booking your Pind Daan from Pitradev!

Why should you choose Pitradev?

Pitradev is a spiritual services platform offering a wide range of spiritual services. We provide a clear cost structure for Pind Daan, allowing clients to make well-informed choices. We ensure that the best and most experienced priests guide you, along with providing pick-up and drop-off services. You also get the opportunity to compare our services and costs with those of other platforms. We humbly pride ourselves on procuring the best priests from India’s holy cities through extensive research, assuring you a seamless and spiritually enlightening experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the cost of Pind Daan in Gaya?

The cost of performing Pind Daan in Gaya varies based on the specific rituals and services chosen. It can range from INR 1500 to INR 30,000. The cost typically includes the priest’s fees, ritual materials, and other related expenses. It’s advisable to discuss the costs beforehand.

2. Is Pind Daan performed in Kashi or Gaya?

Pind Daan is performed in both Kashi (Varanasi) and Gaya. These places are considered highly sacred in Hinduism. Performing Pind Daan in these locations is believed to bring peace and salvation to the souls of departed ancestors.

3. What rituals are performed in Kashi?
In Kashi (Varanasi), several rituals are performed, including Morning Aarti (Mangala Aarti), Rudrabhishek, Shringar Aarti, and Pind Daan. Other rituals include Gaya Pind Daan, Asti Nimajjanam, Anna Shradh, Samvatsrikam, Abdikam, Masikam, Godan Pooja, Sankalp Prayashchit, Brahman Bhojanam, Abhishekam, Kumkum Archana, Lakshavatti Nomulu, Kalabhairava Samaradhana, Kamalavatti Nomulu, Upanayana Samskar, Dampati Puja, Ganga Puja, and Homam.

4. What is the cost of asthi visarjan in Varanasi?

The cost of performing Asthi Visarjan in Varanasi can range from around INR 2000, which includes priest charges, material charges, and boat charges, to INR 4500. These costs typically include all the necessary rituals and services.

5. What are the rules of Pind Daan?

Pind Daan rules include performing the ritual during Pitru Paksha, observing purity and cleanliness, preparing Pindas (rice balls), offering them at a holy site, reciting mantras, and feeding Brahmins. The ritual is typically performed by the eldest son or a designated family member.

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