Rudrabhishek Puja

Rudrabhishek Puja is paramount in Hindu tradition, especially for people devoted to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva, the Hindu God of destruction, has many names - Mahadev (the God of gods), Shankar, Bhole Nath (the innocent master), Shivay, etc., and Rudra is one such name. Rudrabhishek puja is thus dedicated to Lord Shive.

The word 'Abhishek' means ceremonial anointing or bathing, and that is exactly done at Rudra Abhishek pooja time.

Rudra –As Lord Shiva's Name

Lord Shiva has been called 'Rudra' from times as far back as the Vedas. The word means a tempest - a storm capable of immense violence and destruction. The epithet thus signified Lord Shiva's inherent destructive nature as well as the unsurmountable force of his might.

When we talk of Lord Shiva in Rudra form, we are saying he is the fiercest and scariest. That happens when Lord Shiva, who is normally innocent and gentle in his ways, is enraged. At such times, Lord Shive may show his passion through a dance, a dance of destruction. The word 'Rudra' is also used to describe the Rudra Tandav dance. Tandav, or the dance of destruction, is performed by Lord Shiva on the cremation ground.

The Eleven Rudras

According to a Hindu mythical story, the name 'Ruda' as a common noun was also used for eleven beings created by Lord Shiva. These elven Rudras were created by Lord Shiva on the request on the request of Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma is another of the holy trinity who is the God of creation (Lord Vishnu is the third). Once upon a time, Lord Brahma found his own creation monotonous and thus requested Lord Shiva to create some extraordinary creatures. Lord Shiva, who is always benevolent, complied by creating eleven Rudras. These were: Ajesha, Bhima, Chanda, Dhruva, Kapaali, Pingala, Shambu, Shasta, Shavasana, Vilohitaa, and Virupaksha.

Origins of Rudrabhishek Pooja 

Rudrabhishek puja has been mentioned in several ancient Hindu scriptures. Of particular mention is the Rudram portion of the Yajurveda, the oldest mention of this pooka. This sacred ritual is performed as an act of worship and adoration of Lord Shiva.


Rudra Abhishek Pooja Time

Rudra Abhishek pooja time in the month of Shravan. In other words, Rudra Abhishek pooja time is July-August.

Rudra Abhishek Pooja Benefits

Rudra Abhishek pooja's benefits are countless and invaluable. Some of these include the following:

●    Spiritual Purification
One of the chief Rudra Abhishek pooja benefits is that it is the best way of spiritual purification of devotees. Lord Shiva, as we mentioned earlier, is the God of destruction, but he is also the most benevolent God in Hindu mythology. It is easy to please Him through Rudra Abhishek. When pleased, Lord Shiva will destroy the inner negative energies, thoughts, and signs of the individual devotee. The very sound of mantras chanted, and the prasad is believed to have this effect.

●    Removal of Obstacles
Also called Veghanharta or the destroyer of obstacles, Lord Shiva is known to remove all types of challenges and hurdles in the lives of devotees. It is believed that Rudrabhishek puja will fill devotees with the energies of Lord Shiva and shall thus empower them to overcome any obstacles and hurdles.

●    Stress Relief, Emotional Catharsis, and Psychological Healing
Lord Shiva is the force of destruction that is inherent in various elements of the universe. Rudrabhishek puja is a way for devotees to accept and embrace the idea that everything in their existence is mental. That can help relieve any stress they are feeling and provide a catharsis of emotional energy that would have remained trapped in them otherwise. That can also help provide psychological healing against problems like anxiety and depression.

●    Seeking BLESSINGS of Lord Shiva
One of the most valuable Rudra Abhishek pooja benefits is that it is the best way of getting blessings from the almighty, that is, Lord Shiva. As we mentioned above, Lord Shiva is one of the easiest Hindu gods to please, and once pleased, he offers countless blessings to devotees, including good health, success, prosperity, spiritual and emotional growth.

●    Develops a Sense of Gratitude
According to Hindu philosophy, everything, the whole universe, is a gift from the almighty. Thus, everything one has in one's life, including one's own existence, is owed to God. One of the chief Rudra Abhishek pooja benefits is that it fills one with the consciousness of how much one owes to the lord and thus fills one with gratitude.


Different Forms of Rudrabhishek Pooja

Rudrabhishek pooja, as its name suggests, involves anointing and washing Shivlingwith a fluid considered pure in Hinduism, which may be water, milk, honey, ghee, curd, or a combination of two. This puja can thus be performed in different forms:

●    Jal Abhishek
One of the simplest forms of Rudrabhishek puja is Jal Abhishek or Abhishek, done with water.

●    Dudh Abhishek
Rudrabhishek pooja with dudh or milk is another form. Milk is considered an epitome and symbol of purity and a purifying agent. Further, DudhAbhishek is a traditional symbol of prosperity. Lord Shiva rewards this form with longevity and prosperity.

●    Shahad Abhishek
In this form, Shahad or honey is used at Rudra Abhishek pooja time.

●    Ghee Abhishek
Rudrabhishek pooja using ghee is recommended, particularly if one is suffering from a physical illness or problems.

●    Dahi Abhishek
Rudrabhishek pooja using Dahi or curd is recommended for those childless couples who are desirous of having a child.

●    Panchamrit Abhishek
Panchamrit Abhishek is the highest form of Rudrabhishek puja. It involves using all five different elements named above - milk, curd, water, honey, and ghee. These five purifying elements together form the panch-amrit. It is the best way of availing the benefits of Rudraksha Puja.

Rudrabhishek Puja at Home

It is possible to perform Rudrabhishek puja at home. You can easily do Rudrabhishek puja at home with or without the help of professional help. However, for the best of benefits, we don't recommend doing Rudrabhishek puja at home unless you have a pandit to do it.

PerformYour Rudrabhishek Puja with Pitradev

If you want to get the best of Rudra Abhishek pooja benefits, we recommend doing the same through Pitradev. There are several perks of doing this Puja with Pitradev, including:

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●    The convenience of Rudrabhishek puja at home - Since you don't have to make arrangements, it shall be as convenient as doing Rudrabhishek puja at home.

The Bottom Line
To conclude, Rudrabhishek Puja avails valuable benefits to devotees, and it is a puja that every devotee of Lord Shiva should perform every year. Pitradev is the best way of doing this auspicious puja, and thus, you can get in touch with us at Rudra Abhishek pooja time this year.

Rudrabhishek Puja- Hindi