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Sangam is a term used to refer to the confluence of three rivers in Prayagraj, namely the Ganges, Yamuna, and Saraswati. The Sangam is considered a sacred place for performing Tharpanam (Pind Daan) as it is believed to have special significance and blessings for the departed souls.

According to Hindu mythology, the Sangam is the place where the celestial bird Garuda, the mount of Lord Vishnu, is said to have dropped a few drops of Amrita (the nectar of immortality) while carrying it from the gods to the demons. These drops are believed to have fallen into the waters of the Sangam, thus making it a holy place for Hindus. It is also believed that performing Tharpanam (Pind Daan) at the Sangam can help the departed souls attain salvation.

Another mythological story associated with the Sangam is that of King Bhagiratha. King Bhagiratha is said to have performed severe penance to bring the Ganges to earth to wash away the sins of his ancestors. It is believed that King Bhagiratha performed Tharpanam (Pind Daan) at the Sangam to honor his ancestors and seek their blessings.

The sanctity of the Allahabad sangam makes it an ideal place to offer the prayers for the deceased souls. The holy chants and knowledge of our pundits ensure that your offerings reach their desired destination as conducting the puja with proper vidhi (method) is very important.

Important: We at Pitradev allot you a priest who can help you in the procedure and perform the rituals effectively. We do not believe in trapping people by making unrealistic promises and heavy monetary demands.

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Pind Daan (Silver)

We offer a very reliable, professional, and affordable solution. We provide genuine priests/panda in the below mentioned sacred cities of India to the people who want to visit these cities for the purpose of Tharpanam (Pind Daan) and related activities. Our team will personally monitor the entire event in the city and organize “Pandit” ,”Places” and all Puja elements (Puja Items, Vidhi,Mantra) as per your need and community like Punjabi, Marwari, Gujrati, Tamil, Bengalies, Maharashtrian etc.

Our Excellence Services

  • We provide highly professional and experienced purohit (Priest).
  • Puja is conducted in accordance with Shastras.
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  • We provide high quality of “Puja Samagri” based on the Vedic rituals and Procedures.

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