• Mundan Ceremony or Chudakarana or Tonsuring

Mundan ceremony, also known as Chudakarana or Tonsuring, is a Hindu ritual that involves the cutting of a child's hair for the first time. This ceremony is typically performed when the child is between six months to two years old, depending on the family's tradition and beliefs.

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Mundan Ceremony or Chudakarana or Tonsuring

The Mundan ceremony typically involves a priest or a barber who performs the ritual. The child's hair is shaved off, and then the child is given a bath to cleanse themselves of any impurities. The hair is usually offered as a donation to a temple or a holy place.

The Mundan ceremony is an important tradition in Hinduism that symbolizes the start of a new phase in the child's life and has several spiritual and cultural significances.

Purpose of Mundan ceremony

Mundan ceremony symbolizes removal of impurities, promotes health benefits, connects with the divine, upholds family traditions, and marks a milestone.


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