• Barsi Ceremony

The Barsi ceremony holds immense emotional significance for the family members and loved ones of the deceased person. It is a way to keep their memory alive and continue to honor their life even after they are no longer with us.

Procedure and Significance

  • A puja or prayer ceremony is conducted in honor of the deceased person.
  • A feast or a meal is prepared and offered to the family members and guests
  • Charity or donation is often made in the name of the deceased person.
  • The family members may visit a temple or a sacred place and offer prayers and donations.
  • The family may also gather together to share memories, stories, and experiences of the deceased person.

For the Barsi Ceremony, Select a Hindi or North Indian Pandit. All of the Puja Samagri will be brought by Panditji. All of the Pandits have extensive expertise and have attended Vedic Pathshala.

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Barsi Ceremony

The Barsi ceremony, also known as the death anniversary or the Remembrance Day or first year Shradh ceremony, is a significant event in Hindu culture. It is a way to pay tribute to the deceased, honor their memory, and offer prayers for their peaceful journey into the afterlife.

Our Objective

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  • Puja is conducted in accordance with Shastras.
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