• Asthivisarjan at Nashik

It is said that Lord Rama used to bath here, making it the holiest location in Nashik. It contains the Asthivilaya Tirth, which dissolves bones. It was constructed at Satara in 1696 by Chitrarao Khatav, a landowner of the Khatav family, and restored by Madhavrao the fourth Peshva's mother, Gopikabai. They carry the cremated remains of their departed loved ones and place them in Asthivilay kund.

Ramkund is located along the bank of Godavari River. Ramkund, commonly known as the "Dakshin Ganga" or the "Ganges of the South," is the most revered site in Panchavati. The only location along the Godavari River's banks where the water flows in a southerly direction is Nashik.

In accordance with the Garuda Puran, rites such Asthi Visrjan, Pind daan, and others should be performed in a river whose flow is towards the south. "Dakshin Ganga" is the result of this.

The Asthivilay kund is visited by people who carry the ashes of their departed relatives. In just 3.5 hours, this kund is said to have bone-melting powers. Major figures' ashes, including those of Pandit Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Y. B. Chavan, and others, were submerged in Ramkund.

Note: As per government guidelines we make it sure to sanitize the premises and maintain the prescribed crowd for all the rituals performed.

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Asthivisarjan at Nashik

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