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Mumbai's Banganga is a sizable freshwater reservoir surrounded by ghats where ashes are submerged. Legend has it that Lord Rama and his brother Lakshman stopped here to rest while looking for Sita, Lord Rama's bride. Rama requested some water when he was thirsty from his brother Lakshman. Lakshman then fired an arrow into the earth near where fresh water was emerging. As this fresh water is said to represent the Ganges River, the area is known as Banganga, which translates to Baan (Arrow) - Ganga (Ganges).

Banganga is tucked away in a South Mumbai neighbourhood among urban structures and slums. A short distance from the site is where buses and taxis drop off their passengers. The vendors, hand carts, vibrant residences, and temples you will witness on your stroll along the ghat, however, will not let you down. If you've ever watched Varanasi on television, you'll understand that the sensation is somewhat comparable.

Places for Asthi Visarjan in Mumbai

Dadar Beach (Dadar region) Banganga (Malabar Hill) Powai Lake (Powai Valley) Juhu Beach Versova Beach
Garh Ganga Asthi Visarjan Girgaon Beach (Marine Drive) Bhayandar Khadi (Mira Bhayandar) Marve Beach (Malad)

Note: You must bring Asthi in a Mud Pot with Kalash. You can reserve your time slot by calling.

Important: We at Pitradev allot you a priest who can help you in the procedure and perform the rituals effectively. We do not believe in trapping people by making unrealistic promises and heavy monetary demands.

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Asthivisarjan at Mumbai

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We offer a very reliable, professional, and affordable solution. At Pitradev, we assign you a priest who can guide you through the process and successfully carry out all the ceremonies. We don't believe in luring individuals in with inflated claims and onerous financial requirements. We are sensitive to the loss you have experienced and do our best to perform the ceremony to your specifications. We can provide you with excellent services and ease the ritual execution process in Mumbai. 


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·         We provide highly professional and experienced purohit (Priest).

·         Puja is conducted in accordance with Shastras.

·         We promise excellent service and a great devotee experience.

·         Our purohit are proficient in Vedas and other sacred scriptures.

·         We provide high quality of “Puja Samagri” for Asthivisarjan based on the Vedic rituals and Procedures.


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