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In Hindu mythology, Pind Daan is considered a sacred and important ritual to pay homage to one's ancestors. It is believed that during the Pitru Paksha period, the souls of the departed ancestors visit the Earth and accept offerings made by their descendants.

There are several myths and legends associated with Pind Daan. One of the most popular ones is the story of King Karna, who was a great warrior in the epic Mahabharata. Karna was known for his generosity and charity towards the poor and needy. However, he was unaware of the fact that he was the son of Kunti and had been abandoned at birth.

After Karna's death in the Kurukshetra war, he was denied entry into the heaven due to his lack of knowledge about his true identity. His soul wandered on Earth until his son performed Pind Daan for him, which finally allowed his soul to attain salvation.

This legend highlights the importance of performing Pind Daan for one's ancestors, as it is believed to help their souls attain peace and liberation from the cycle of birth and death. The ritual is also seen as a way to repay the debt that one owes to their ancestors, who have played a significant role in shaping one's life and lineage.

Important: We at Pitradev allot you a priest who can help you in the procedure and perform the rituals effectively. We do not believe in trapping people by making unrealistic promises and heavy monetary demands.

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Pind Daan in Bangalore

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