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In Tamil culture, the most popular places to perform Asthi Visarjan are the holy cities of Rameswaram and Kanyakumari. These cities are located in the southernmost part of India and are considered sacred pilgrimage sites for Hindus.

Rameswaram is situated on an island in the Gulf of Mannar and is home to the famous Ramanathaswamy Temple. It is believed that Lord Rama himself established this temple and performed the Asthi Visarjan ceremony for his ancestors here. The temple has 22 sacred wells, and it is believed that taking a dip in these wells can wash away one's sins.

The sacred place to perform asthivisarjan in Pune bank is considered to be the river bank of Alandi. Nonetheless, it could be challenging to perform the necessary ceremonies and rites in a calm manner. There may be times when you are unable to get a reliable partner to assist you with the asthi visarjan procedure.

You need not fear, though, because Pitradev offers unique asthi visarjan services that meet all of your needs and serve as the supporting arm you require through difficult times. We can assist you in finding a priest who will conduct the full process in a reverent manner. Pitradev also takes care of the requirements for locating a suitable venue and assisting you as you go along to ensure that you never feel alone.

Places for Asthi Visarjan in Pune

  • Alandi
  • Dehu
  • Sangameshwar
  • Omkareshwar
  • Nashik
  • Trimbakeshwar

Note: You must bring Asthi in a Mud Pot with Kalash. You can reserve your time slot by calling.

Important: We at Pitradev allot you a priest who can help you in the procedure and perform the rituals effectively. We do not believe in trapping people by making unrealistic promises and heavy monetary demands.

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Asthivisarjan at Pune-Tamil


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