• Tharpanam (Pind Daan) in Bangalore

According to Hindu mythology, Tharpanam or Tarpanam is a ritual that has been practiced since ancient times. It is believed that the souls of the departed ancestors reside in the Pitru Loka (ancestral world) and can help their descendants in various ways, such as guiding them, protecting them, and blessing them with prosperity and success.

It is said that the Pitru Loka is ruled by Lord Yama, the god of death, and it is important to offer Tarpanam to appease the ancestors and seek their blessings. The Garuda Purana, one of the ancient Hindu texts, explains the significance of Tharpanam and the procedure to be followed in performing the ritual.

Legend has it that the great sage Kashyapa had two wives, Kadru and Vinata. Kadru gave birth to the Nagas (serpents), and Vinata gave birth to Garuda, the king of birds. Garuda was a devout follower of Lord Vishnu and performed Tharpanam with utmost devotion. As a result, Lord Vishnu was pleased with him and blessed him with great strength and powers.

Another legend states that King Mahabali, a benevolent and just ruler, was sent to the netherworld by Lord Vishnu, who took the form of Vamana (a dwarf). Mahabali's grandson, Prahlada, performed Tharpanam for his grandfather, seeking his blessings and guidance. Pleased with Prahlada's devotion, Mahabali blessed him and ensured his prosperity and success.

Note: You must bring Asthi in a Mud Pot with Kalash. You can reserve your time slot by calling.

Important: We at Pitradev allot you a priest who can help you in the procedure and perform the rituals effectively. We do not believe in trapping people by making unrealistic promises and heavy monetary demands.

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Tharpanam (Pind Daan) in Bangalore

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