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Our Mission

Our mission at Pitradev is to help Hindus all around the world to get AsthiVisarjan… Learn More


We provide genuine priests/panda in the below mentioned sacred cities of India to..  Learn More

About Us

We prevent the clients from any rogues or cheats and are present to serve them…  Show More


1Pitradev is functioning in the cities that have great importance according to Hindu mythology for the for the performance…. Show More

Asthi Visarjan

2We can arrange the AsthiVisarjan Ceremony at Kashi without any hassles. Kashi situated on the banks of river Ganga is…. Show More


3Shraadh is a kind of duty that needs to be performed by the heirs of the deceased person. The ritual if performed…. Show More

Special Pooja

4Apart from Pind daan and Asthi Visarjan, we also provide priests for other types of Pooja in the above mentioned cities like… Show More